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Hours of Operation
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Tools & Expertise

The Right Tools & Expertise To Fulfill Your Needs

To accomplish our engineering projects, we have made a substantial investment in both 3D modeling and analytical FEA (Finite Element Analysis) software, as well as 2D CAD software and the latest in computer hardware. Our state-of-the-art equipment combined with our analytical skills uniquely qualifies our engineering service to handle all of your design requirements.

The following is a list of our current design platforms:

• AutoCAD • Pro/Engineer • SolidWorks

3D Model Machine Parts

Resources & Capabilities

EEA promotes a very open work environment where departments don't exist and individual titles are a formality. We have a small business mentality where all members work together and share their knowledge to provide our clients with the best possible services. Our staff consists of talented engineers and designers with extensive experience that can handle everything from the most complex to the most common problems that our clients encounter. Our success depends on quick responding, flexible thinking, and creative solutions for our clients. Whether it's getting it right from the start, solving an urgent problem, or meeting a looming deadline, EEA has the resources, organization, and innovative thinking to support your technology outsourcing needs. Our engineering team can deliver a small, fast-turn-around design/proposal/concept or a major new machine design with equal efficiency and cost savings, and we can support both U.S. and international projects. We deliver on time, the first time, and on budget.

Rates & Capacity

Our structure provides us with low overhead and flexibility resulting in very competitive rates for our clients. Our vast experience allows our engineers and designers to manage your project in a timely and efficient manor regardless of size. We have handled projects with the magnitude of several thousand hours, such as in a new machine design, as well as smaller tasks like proposal drawings and simple part detail reports. We believe our competitive advantages, competitive rates, flexibility, quick response time, and years of experience give us an unparalleled edge that we pass along to our clients.

General Capabilities:

• Fixed Bid Design (In-House)
• Design To Build
• Design To Print
• Reverse Engineering
• Contract Engineering (Hourly Rated)
• Experienced Eng. Staff (150+Yrs)
• Competitive Rates

Mechanical Capabilities:

• Machine Tools
• Aerospace
• Composites
• Automotive
• Industrial
• Special Machines
• Automation
• Material Handling
• Plant Layout
• Fabrication/Weldments
• Sheet Metal Parts
• Hydraulics
• Finite Element Analysis
3D Machine Model

Tool Design Capabilities:

• Tooling
• Fixtures
• Processing
• Methods
• Time Study
• Computer-Aided Manufacturing
• Large Bore Machining (Diameters > 80")
High Feed Milling (Ramp, Helical, Face & Long-Reach Milling)

Electrical Capabilities:

• Electrical Controls Design
• PLC Programming
• HMI Screen Development
• Servo Programming
• Vision Systems
• RF Tag Systems
• Bar Code Reading
• Retrofit Of Existing Controls
• Debug & Start-Up Of New Machinery
• Electrical Project Management
• Machine Tool Controls

EEA Additional Services:

• FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
• PE Services
• U.S. & International Service
• 3D Modeling
• SolidWorks
• Pro Engineer (Wildfire to Creo 3)
• AutoCAD (2D To Inventor)
• Complete Engineering Packages (for Contract Engineering Services Only)
• Design CAD Platforms
• Consulting Services
• Contract Engineering (Onsite & Offsite, Long & Short-Term Available)

Industries We Serve:

• Automotive (Tier 2 Supplier)
• Petroleum
• Consumer Goods
• Food (Human Consumption)
• Food (Animal Consumption)
• Agriculture
• Industrial Repair
• Metal Processing
• Wood Processing
• Plastics Processing
• Consumer Appliances
• Consumer Housing Construction Goods
• Sanitation
• Volatile Substances
• Safety
• Ergonomic
• Bottling
• Canning
• Packaging
• Labeling
• Assembly
• Government (Several Departments-Sub Contracting)